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Kellyanne Conway Transform Into Kellywise To Trick Anderson Cooper In ‘SNL’ Clip

15Oct 2017

Kellyanne Conway ( Mirroring the sewer scene from the horror movie "It," Cooper runs after his rundown for his next

O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) Goes On First Date In ‘SNL’ Sketch

08Oct 2017

Over the weekend Wonder Woman herself aka Gal Gadot hosted  News that former, famed athlete O.J. Simpson was finally released

Ryan Gosling Saves Jazz, Again, In ‘SNL’ Season Opener Monologue

01Oct 2017

It was Gosling's second time hosting the late night comedy series and this time he came to promote

It’s A Feud Of The Past and Present On ‘SNL’s’ Time Travel Edition

16Apr 2017

It was a celebrity Family Feud for the ages, literally, as  Styles did his best Mick Jagger impression as a

Trump Takes His Concerns To People’s Court On ‘SNL’

12Feb 2017

The one good thing I can say that has come from Donald Trump becoming president is that Alec

Kristen Stewart Hosts ‘SNL’ – See Her Best Clips [VIDEOS]

05Feb 2017

"Personal Shopper" actress Kristen Stewart served as host for  In "Totinos with Kristen Stewart," Stewart plays the sister of

Saturday Night Live Mocks U.S. Customs With Hilarious Welcome Video

05Feb 2017

We are in a very confusing and often infuriating time in our country. While hate is being spewed