Seth Meyers Opens The 2018 Golden Globes Speaking On Sexual Harassment Hollywood Shake Up

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08 Jan2018
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The 75th annual Golden Globes awards was very different this year. Many celebrities often use awards show and awards show season to make political statements about whatever the topic du jour is at the moment, but this year it was all the way turned up because women were at the forefront of the statement.

“Time’s Up” was the message said loud and proud throughout the event. A movement empowering women, and men, who are done with the injustice women deal with in the workplace and in life centering around sexual harassment, abuse, and equality. Seth Meyers, who was host of this year’s Golden Globes, didn’t hold back calling out men who have been called out for sexual harassment, the state of the country, and much more.

Watch Seth Meyers open the 2018 Golden Globes in the clip below. Did you watch the show? How did Seth do as host? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: NBC

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