Ariana Grande Releases Third Studio Album ‘Dangerous Woman’ Here's The Tracks You Should Play Right Now Or Pass Until Later

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20 May2016
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Arianators it’s finally here!

Dangerous Woman, the third studio album from pop princess Ariana Grande, is now available and currently being played on repeat on my iTunes. Many of the songs have been made available for streaming on Beats 1 and Apple Music throughout the week to celebrate the upcoming release of the album on Friday, May 20th, but there were still a few tracks fans would hear for the first time upon release.

Grande will be performing live the day of her album release on Good Morning America apart of their summer concert series and I’m sure she’ll be doing some new music. The special Target version of the album includes two bonus songs if you’re interested in more Ariana.

With any new album, we all have our first impressions. I love Ariana Grande and her voice is what I’m sure what greets you when you get to Heaven, but I can admit when I’m feeling a song, when I’m not, and when it has to grow on me. Case in point, my hate turned love relationship with “Break Free,” so I decided to break down the tracks from Grande’s Dangerous Woman and let you know the songs you should definitely PLAY first or PASS until later.

1. Moonlight
The first track of an album should be a strong piece of music that makes you want to continue to listen and “Moonlight” is that. It was the original working title of the album and is about falling in love with a new guy. *cough* Ricky Alvarez *cough* FYI: A little birdie said ‘Moonlight’ is Ricky’s nickname for Ariana. The track is melancholy with strings and soft, hypnotizing vocals. A good start to DW. PLAY

2. Dangerous Woman
DW, also known as the first single and title track of the album, still bangs with Grande’s powerful voice belting on the chorus and at the song’s peak. The sexy track is probably my fav off the album still. PLAY -on repeat

3. Be Alright
Ariana Grande released and performed “Be Alright” back in March when she hosted Saturday Night Live. The upbeat, disco-esque track is the first pop song on the album and is such a feel good song because of the message behind it about staying positive knowing everything will be alright and I can’t seem to get the choreography out of my mind from the SNL performance, so for that I love this track. PLAY

4. Into You
Another upbeat pop track that the kids would enjoy in a house music club setting. It has a loud presence of background instruments that almost overpowers Grande’s even louder vocals. I have to admit this is not my favorite track, the beat maybe has to grow on me, but I feel the “so into you” lyrics could get stuck in my head and that would make me like the song later, but for now. PASS

5. Side To Side (feat. Nicki Minaj)
“Side To Side” is Views’ “Controlla” meets Lemonade‘s “Hold Up” in a pint size bundle of a new age style of Reggaeton meets Pop. This is the first song from the album that I feel could really get the people dancing in the club if mixed right. Nicki Minaj on the track gives that added Trinidad flavor and I would love to see a colorful visual for this. PLAY

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

6. Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)
“I just broke up with my ex, now I’m out here single,” I’m sold! Another R&B track for the win with “Let me Love You.” Grande’s vocals really shine when it’s raspy, sexy, and mellow on a R&B track. The slight autotune doesn’t bother me and I think Weezy F Baby, please say the baby, on the track is the perfect added combination with his play on words on his verse. PLAY

7. Greedy
Outside of that first “Greedy” note this song is not high on the list of how the tracks from DW rank. Grande may be greedy for love, but she was greedy with delusion to put this song in such a pivotal point in the album. It’s right in the middle and messes up the flow of the album. This could have been a bonus track. PASS

8. Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray)
For sure one of the best tracks off the album. Macy Gray’s deep, raspy voice starts off the song with haunting harmonizing vocals and piano as Grande’s sweet, yet desperate voice comes in to play on the track. Grande said this was one of her favorite tracks because one of dear friends wrote the song and another close friend produced it. The song feels personal and draws you into that level of pain. PLAY

9. Everyday (feat. Future)
You would think a Future feature would mean a crunk track and you thought right. Ariana is way past the 2013 days of popping it like pink champagne and more into popping something else, if you know what I mean. Grande is embracing her sexuality on the track with help from Future’s mumble jumble. PLAY

10. Sometimes
“Sometimes” is a mellow track and I love mellow Ari. It’s an acoustic track about being loyal to her loved one and there is never a time where she thinks about leaving. This is a good “sing in your car at the top of your lungs” track. PLAY

11. I Don’t Care
IDC is basically the cousin of Grande’s “You Don’t Know Me” track off her My Everything album. It has 90’s vibes, horns, and a lot of harmonizing vocals versus real words and I don’t care about this track at the moment. PASS

12. Bad Decisions
I tried to like this song, but once I heard “hood love” I couldn’t help but side eye this track. The beat is giving me early 2000 girl group like a Dream song. Was it a bad decision to put this on the album, possibly, but since it’s towards the end that was a smart move. PASS

13. Touch It
Can you tell I’m not a fan of the overly pop tracks because this is another one of those and I don’t like it. “Touch It” isn’t as pass worthy as the previous two tracks, but the techno instruments and electric guitar is not a good mix. The song is rather boring. PASS

14. Knew Better/Forever Boy
Bless, now we’re back on the play side of the album. This song is a double track with an ending that turns it into an entirely different vibe and both work. The “Knew Better” side of the song is a slow-paced, light R&B flow with high hat drums, then “Forever Boy” goes into the club, pop trend of Dangerous Woman and gets a full listen because of the strong open. PLAY

15. Thinking Bout You
Now the album is coming to a close with “Thinking Bout You” and it’s a full circle track. DW started off with a slow track and ended with a slightly faster slow track. Ariana Grande is thinking about her lover again because she’s obsessed with that new new and I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat tomorrow. Not the best selection to end an album, but it does feel like a song you would play towards the end of a show and it ends so abruptly, so. PASS

Have you heard Ariana Grande’s third studio album Dangerous Woman? Tell me what you think and share your favorite tracks in the comments.

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