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Go Through Some Of The ‘Split’ Personalities In The Latest Honest Trailer

18Apr 2017

Is "Split" the M Night Shyamalan project that redeemed the filmmaker from a batch of not so great suspense films?

Relive Your Childhood With The “Beauty and the Beast” Honest Trailer

14Mar 2017

"Tale as old as time" is about to have a new meaning. Remember the 1991 classic Disney film

Screen Junkies Breaks Down The 2017 Oscars Films In New Honest Trailer

21Feb 2017

The 2017 Academy Awards, also known as the This year the top films nominated for Best Picture are:

Honest Trailers Ends Fan Appreciation Month With ‘Shrek’ Trailer

31Jan 2017

Fan Appreciation Month over at The 2001 film pretty much shaped the new age of animation, put Smash

‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’ Gets A Hilarious Honest Trailer Featuring Michael Bolton

24Jan 2017

All of January Screen Junkies has been celebrating "Fan Appreciation Month" where they've been releasing special "Willy Wonka

Screen Junkies Roasts ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot In New Honest Trailer

18Oct 2016

The folks at Screen Junkies didn't want to, but after popular demand they recorded and released an There

Viral Video: ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Honest Trailer [VIDEO]

19May 2015

It's "It's just like The Matrix, but starring In the trailer the absurd and confusing plot