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‘Funny or Die’ Proves All The Ways Zack Morris Is The Worst Character Ever

11Oct 2017

We all know and love  That's what Funny or Die is setting out to prove with its new segment

O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) Goes On First Date In ‘SNL’ Sketch

08Oct 2017

Over the weekend Wonder Woman herself aka Gal Gadot hosted  News that former, famed athlete O.J. Simpson was finally released

Do You Still Believe? The Season 11 ‘The X-Files’ First Look Is Here!

08Oct 2017

The truth is still out there and people still believe, so that means the new season of  David Duchovny

Jaleel White Almost Quit Acting Before Landing Urkel Role On ‘Family Matters’

08Oct 2017

Did you know that Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel from the popular '90's sitcom Family Matters almost quit acting right

Evan Peters Goes Full Andy Warhol For Upcoming ‘AHS:Cult’ Episode

08Oct 2017

Get ready to see  Peters' role as Andy Warhol will debut during the seventh episode of AHS: Cult, called "Valerie Solanas Died

Isla Fisher Creates A Special PSA To Prove She’s NOT Amy Adams

06Oct 2017

Could it be the red hair? The porcelain skin? Or the similar demeanor of actresses Fisher stopped by

Julia Roberts Acts Out Her Most Iconic Roles With James Corden

05Oct 2017

Julia Roberts put her vast career on display while making an appearance on  The segments usually last up to