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Did The Live-Action ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Hold Up To The Animated Classic?

19Mar 2017

Disney is going through a rebellious teen phase. The things we once knew and love about the magical

Was ‘Suicide Squad’ As Bad As The Critics Reviews?

07Aug 2016

No, the answer is just no! DC Comic's " As a lover of DC Comic films and the Marvel Universe I

‘Now You See Me 2’ Packs In Bigger Illusions and Bigger Thrills

10Jun 2016

The mystical group of illusionists known as The Horsemen are back for the sequel of the 2013 film

Avan Jogia’s ‘Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse’ Concludes Tackling Famine and Death

28Apr 2016

It's time for the exciting conclusion of In “Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse,” Jogia explores the disconnect people have today

Avan Jogia’s ‘Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse’ Depicts Departed Human Connection

21Apr 2016

Tut actor In "Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse," Jogia pulls quadruple duty having wrote, directed, edited, and co-starred in the

Why ‘Fuller House’ Is The Best Television Reboot To Date

26Feb 2016

It's that nostalgic T.G.I.F feeling that's tingling in your heart now that  I'm about half way in so far

‘The People V O.J. Simpson’ Relives America’s Most Infamous Crimes [VLOG]

03Feb 2016

I'm back at it again with the whole vlogging thing and I uploaded a new video to my