How Does The 2017 ‘IT’ Film Compare To The Original Mini-Series [REVIEW]

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08 Sep2017
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Stephen King’s iconic horror novel “It” became a smash adaptation in 1990 when it was turned into a mini-series starring Tim Curry as the evil demon who shape shifts into the creepy clown known as Pennywise. He wrecks havoc on the Town of Derry, Maine reappearing in the town every so often to pray on the fears of children and murdering them. The original project spans a course of decades as it time jumps from the 1960’s to thirty years later.

The anticipated remake brings fear to a new generation but stayed true to the essence of the film receiving the seal of approval from the king of fear himself, King. Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove, “Atomic Blonde) took on the challenge of the infamous Pennywise with the film starting in a new decade, 1988 to be exact. Being a true horror movie film fan I had to see this film the weekend it *chuckles* premiered so I could give a review about the project. Check out how I broke the film down and why you should head to the theaters this weekend to see “It”.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise/ Photo: New Line Cinema

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise/ Photo: New Line Cinema

Bill Skarsgård Brings The “It Factor To Pennywise
Bill Skarsgård was the perfectly chosen actor to play Pennywise after Will Poulter left the role. His mannerisms and take on the demented clown created a memorable performance that will haunt nightmares of movie goers for years to come.

Skarsgård really got into the role by training with a contortionist, which came in handy in a scene in the film, and opted out of using CGI because he really could make his eyes look in two different direction like his character often does. The 27-year-old ultimately landed the role because he could play the silly, funny side of Pennywise as well as the sinister and down right terrifying side with ease. On screen he blew me away with his portrayal that I found myself laughing at him in one instance then slightly jumping out of my skin the next. Tim Curry and Stephen King should be very proud of this new age Pennywise.

Finn Wolfhard and Jaeden Lieberher in "IT"/Photo: New Line Cinema

Finn Wolfhard and Jaeden Lieberher in “IT”/Photo: New Line Cinema

Finn Wolfhard Is The Winner Of The Losers Club
Richie Tozier played by Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) was hands down the comedic relief throughout the film and one of the breakout stars on the Losers Club, the group of friends in the film. A close second would have to be Jack Dylan Grazer who played Eddie Kaspbrak.

If you’ve watched Finn in Stranger Things then you already know that this kid is a mega star on the rise, but his portrayal of Richie was one of the best elements on the film. Whenever you felt tensions rise Finn’s Richie was there to bring a dose of comedic reality to the situation. The theater audience I was in laughed and cheered the most whenever Richie said something. The film does have some violent and disturbing concepts that the entire young cast handled with the utmost professionalism, but Finn stood out in a lane of his own.

"IT" Cast/Photo: New Line Cinema

“IT” Cast/Photo: New Line Cinema

The Next Chapter
In the original mini-series, as stated above, there is a notable time jump that shows the characters during their youth years as well as into adulthood. Since this film opted to focus solely on the child aspect of these characters a sequel was set up in the final moments. The ending frame of the film read “It Chapter 1” prefacing that another film would be coming.

The cast even made their bids on who they thought should play the adult versions of their characters and I must say these children should add a casting director credit to their resumes because these choices are perfection! Each member gave their ideal actor as: Bill Hader (Richie Tozier), Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh), Chadwick Boseman (Mike Hanlon), Jake Gyllenhaal (Eddie Kaspbrak), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Stanley Uris), Chris Pratt (Ben Hanscom), and Christian Bale (Bill Denbrough). SO good right? Chastain is even really being considered for the role.

For an “It” sequel I’m hoping it would mirror the mini-series of the adults remembering this horrific encounter and because the kids were so good in this initial film I’m hoping they come back and not just be in flashbacks.

Why You Should Go See “It”
Whether you are a horror movie fan, hate clowns like me, or just don’t do scary movies I think this film should be on your watch list this September. Once you can get past the jump scares of Pennywise you’ll appreciate the work of art that is a Stephen King novel come to life. It’s filled with easter eggs paying homage to the original which is always fun to figure out for the hardcore movie buffs. There’s plenty of laughs as there are scares and a coming of age story about banding together with your friends no matter what. I give “It”  four pink kisses. 💋💋💋💋

“It” premieres in theaters today, Friday, September 8th. Have you seen “It” yet? Do you plan on seeing it this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch the latest trailer below to entice your fancy. You’ll float too!

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Photo: New Line Cinema

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