Glambergirlblog Got Freshly Pressed!

Glambergirlblog Freshly Pressed
04 Jun2012
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What an honor! I always wondered what did I have to do to get my blog to be “freshly pressed” and featured on the home page of I just needed patience and I guess a worthy enough recap of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Thanks to that post and the 691 (and counting) of you who read that post, I landed a spot as a “freshly pressed” blog on the movie subject!

I am so ecstatic and grateful beyond words that you all took the time to read my post and I thank all of you that commented, liked and reposted my MTV Movie awards recap! “You are appreciated.” *Tupac voice*

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  • juststartwithmonday • 6 years ago

    Congrats! on Freshly Pressed. Sounds like you are very happy in the career you have chosen. That’s great. Great place to be in life.
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

    • glambergirl • 6 years ago

      Thanks Nancy! That is very kind of you! Your comment really made me smile :-)

  • carcarbone • 6 years ago

    So…what do you have to do to get on Freshly Pressed? Haha. Great blogs by the way

    • glambergirl • 6 years ago

      Thanks! I have NO idea, ha. I just happened to look on the home page and there I was. I guess the blog gods liked my post.

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