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Head Into The Temple With Olmec In ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Trailer

09Oct 2016

If you missed the memo, Nickelodeon's 1993 underdog game show  "Legends of the Hidden Temple" follows three siblings who secretly

FOX’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Premieres First Trailer

17May 2016

Just in time for Halloween we'll be doing the Time Warp again thanks to FOX and the television

‘Legends Of The Hidden’ Gets A Nickelodeon TV Movie

01Mar 2016

Back in the 1990's Nickelodeon was about all game shows. I'm talking about really good game shows that

Mary-Kate & Ashley Have A ‘Very, Very, Very Unbelievably Scary’ To Share

22Oct 2015

When you and your squad get together for a sleepover there must be a time when you tell scary

“A Deadly Adoption” Trailer Released Features Deception and Will Ferrell’s Beard

17Jun 2015

What is thought to be a parody film poking fun at the melodramatic films Lifetime is known for, "A Deadly

First Look: Lifetime’s ‘Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B’ Movie Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]

27Sep 2014

Lifetime's "" will appear on our television screens sooner than we thought; in fact in less than two months. The

First Look: Lifetime’s ‘The Brittany Murphy Story’ [TRAILER]

23Aug 2014

Can I start by saying I had no idea there was a  movie happening, let alone it premiering