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Chrissy Teigen Addressed Beyoncé Very “Weird” At The 2018 Grammys

31Jan 2018

Beyoncé exudes a certain type of aura around people that makes them do the darnest things. It's just

Jimmy Fallon Returns To ‘Tonight Show’ Following Loss Of His Mother Gloria

16Nov 2017

On the show Fallon gave a touching tribute to her sharing a story from when he was a

Millie Bobby Brown Recounts ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 With Epic Rap

01Nov 2017

The second season of Stranger Things premiered on Friday, October 27 and it's been pretty much the topic of conversation for

Anne Hathaway Sings Google Translated Songs On ‘Tonight Show’

18Apr 2017

If you've ever used Google Translate you know things can go a bit wonky. You may not be

Shaquille O’Neal and Mr. Worldwide Challenge Jimmy Fallon In ‘Lip Sync Battle’

04Apr 2017

Going back to its root, Jimmy Fallon brought another segment of Lip Sync Battle to  Since the battle took place in

Taraji P. Henson Drinks Odd Cocktail Playing ‘Drinko’ On ‘Tonight Show’

18Mar 2017

In Drinko, players drop two chips down a huge, pegged board and must drink the concocted cocktail. With

Octavia Spencer, John Lithgow and Luke Bryan Play Catchphrase on ‘Tonight Show’

03Mar 2017

My adrenaline is rushing and my octane has gone up to super sonic levels, so that means a