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Get Your Childhood Holiday Film Favorite Revamped With ‘The Santa Clause’ Honest Trailer

06Dec 2017

Forget everything you know about the 1990's holiday film "The Santa Clause" starring Tim Allen and get into

Screen Junkies Breaks Down Season One Of ‘Stranger Things’ With New Honest Trailer

08Nov 2017

Don't skip the intro, Screen Junkies is dissecting Netflix's beloved original, award-winning series  In the Honest TV Trailer, the

Go, Go “Power Rangers” Gets An Honest Trailer

21Jun 2017

It's time to suit up in your mighty, morphin' "Power Rangers" gear because not only is the 2017

The 2017 Version Of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Gets An Honest Trailer

13Jun 2017

It's a tale as old as time, again. Now that the 2017 version of Disney's " Back in March

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Gets Unrated DVD Release + A Honest Trailer

09May 2017

Prepare for a screening in your red room because the unrated version of " The Honest Trailer for "Fifty

“Envelopegate” and ‘La La Land’ Combine For The New Honest Trailer

02May 2017

Followers of GGB on this blog and social media know how much I am absolutely in love with

Go Through Some Of The ‘Split’ Personalities In The Latest Honest Trailer

18Apr 2017

Is "Split" the M Night Shyamalan project that redeemed the filmmaker from a batch of not so great suspense films?