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FOX Cancels ‘Scream Queens’ After Two Seasons

15May 2017

It seems the real idiot hookers are the people over at FOX because the beloved comedy-horror anthology series  The

Debbie Reynolds Wants More Credit As Billie Lourd’s Grandmother

13Dec 2016

Lourd appeared on last night's episode of Late Show with Seth Meyers and the two discussed how Billie's grandmother wants

Happy Thanksgiving From GGB and The ‘Scream Queens’ Cast

24Nov 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Day my beautiful and loyal followers! I hope you are enjoying a blessed and wonderful holiday kicking

Get Ready For More Blood Shed In The Halloween Episode of ‘Scream Queens’

18Oct 2016

Jamie Lee Curtis and In the wake of the beloved Chad Radwll (Glen Powell) meeting his untimely demise

Taylor Lautner Shares Wild Story About Snapping A Photo With A Giraffe On ‘Ellen’

05Oct 2016

Along with sharing photos from his excursion, Lautner talked about the last time he was on the show

Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner Play ‘Kiss, Kill, Marry’ With ‘Scream Queens’ Characters

05Oct 2016

During down time, Lautner and Lourd played a game of "Kiss, Kill, Marry," much to Lourd's dismay. It's

Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner Are Goals Talking About ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2

29Sep 2016

In a new clip on the official  Scream Queens returns to FOX on Tuesday, October 11th at 9pm. Watch Billie Lourd