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FOX Cancels ‘Scream Queens’ After Two Seasons

15May 2017

It seems the real idiot hookers are the people over at FOX because the beloved comedy-horror anthology series  The

“A Feud Of Biblical Proportions” – Check Out The New ‘Feud’ Promo + Opening Credits

13Feb 2017

Next month Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon will bring to life two of Hollywood's iconic actresses like we've

Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon Bring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis To Life In FX’s ‘Feud’

18Jan 2017

"I've written a letter to daddy," and he is giving me the best new series I didn't think

‘American Horror Story’ Plans To Revisit ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’

30Oct 2016

The best thing happened today. During EW PopFest on Sunday, October 30, Ryan Murphy confirmed the best seasons

The Big ‘AHS Roanoke’ Twist Is Bringing Us Back To Season 3, Coven

18Oct 2016

This is literally the best news I've heard about season 6 of FX's  “It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve

“Leg Humpers” Scream Queens Returns For Second Season – Get All The Details

15Jan 2016

Idiot hookers rejoice,  Gary Newman, a representative from FOX, announced not only a second season, but that the new

The ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Opening Credits Are Everything!

03Oct 2015

It's creepy, it's seductive, it's everything you could want and more In the AHS: Hotel opening credits things get bloody