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Artist Spotlight: Lo Debuts Heartbreak Anthem “Good Good”

20Nov 2017

This music Monday allow Glambergirlblog to introduce you to pop singer-songwriter . With her debut single, "Good Good,"

Artist Spotlight: ARIA Gives You “Hope” With New Single

07Aug 2017

With a voice that will haunt your dreams from its captivating notes, is back on the music

Singer/Songwriter Sharlene-Monique Releases Music Video For Debut Single “You”

03Jul 2017

It's #MusicMonday and that means it's time to feature a new artist! London-based singer/songwriter  released her debut single and

Jay Beale Brings New Wave Electronica On ‘359’ EP

27Mar 2017

Bristol bred artist is bringing a new wave of electronica to his writing, producing, and the music scene

Pop Singer/Songwriter Maggie McClure Is “Coming Home” With New Single

27Mar 2017

Singer/Songwriter  has a new single, "Coming Home," putting on display her alluring pop vocals as she pays homage

Clap Along To Julia Carlucci’s Debut Single, “Take Me Down”

13Mar 2017

Toronto-based singer is crushing the scene with her debut single "Take Me Down" showing off her powerful

IMAN Brings House Music With A Pop Twist With “Wishing” Single

20Feb 2017

Blending the upbeat sounds of House music with the mellow vocals of Pop, brings a unique single