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Trailer Thursday: The Collection

20Sep 2012

The trailer for "The Collection" is so good I have to give all my Glamberous Ones a double

Trailer Thursday: Texas Chainsaw 3D

20Sep 2012

OK to be honest, really, do we NEED another "Texas Chainsaw" movie? I mean how many times can

Trailer Thursday: The Bay

13Sep 2012

Allow me to introduce you to "The Bay," the devil, hybrid child of 'Night of the Creeps" and

Kristen Stewart’s ‘On The Road’ NYC Screening

11Sep 2012

WHAT a sneaky, little birdy! I'm a little bothered that Ki Ki creeped into New York yesterday and

Trailer Thursdays: The Words

06Sep 2012

In this edition of Trailer Thursday we'll take a look at " The story follows literary writer Rory Jansen, Cooper, who

Trailer Thursday: Butter

30Aug 2012

Somewhere Paula Deen is letting out shrieks of joy with the idea of a movie about her favorite

A Glamberous Review: Cosmopolis

26Aug 2012

David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" has been one hell of a movie to explain. When I first heard of the