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Meet the ‘New Mutants’ In The First Thrilling Trailer

15Oct 2017

Everyone had demons in the upcoming film "New Mutants," expanding off the X-Men universe, and since I love

‘What Happened to Monday’ Writer Max Botkin Breaks Down How He Made A Day of The Week A Villian

11Oct 2017

Netflix is forever winning with its original content, beloved television programs, gripping documentaries, and binge worthy playlists that

Alexander Bedria Chats About The Impact Of His Short Film ‘The Zim’

09Oct 2017

It's a film that was five years in the making, 's "The Zim" tells a gripping tale inspired by

Jamie Lee Curtis Returns To Haddonfield For The Upcoming ‘Halloween’ Film

15Sep 2017

Curtis posted on social media about the official release date and that she would be coming back to

Liam Neeson Plays A Dangerous, Deadly Game On A Train In ‘The Commuter’

15Sep 2017

Liam Neeson is put to a deadly test while aboard a train when he meets a mysterious stranger

Jennifer Lawrence Plays Ballerina Assassin in ‘Red Sparrow’

14Sep 2017

Based on the book by Jason Matthews with the screenplay written by Justin Haythe, "Red Sparrow" follows Dominika (Lawrence) once a

Mrs. Grey Will See You Now In The ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Teaser

10Sep 2017

Mrs. Grey will see you now! The final chapter of the " In the teaser for the upcoming film we