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Can You ‘Stay Quiet’ Watching The Latest Trailer For ‘A Quiet Place’

15Feb 2018

"If they hear you. They haunt you." In the new " Blunt's character is pregnant so that can be tricky

More Steamy Scenes Less Of Everything Else In ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ [REVIEW]

11Feb 2018

Can I start this by saying I can't believe I didn't review "Fifty Shades Darker!" As I was

Isla Nublar Is At Risk In ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer

05Feb 2018

Hide your kids and hide your wives. The dinosaurs are on the loose in " During Super Bowl LII,

See How Much Can Really Be Passed On To Generations In ‘Hereditary’ Trailer

31Jan 2018

A big fear for some women is turning into their parents, particularly their mothers. Some things can be

“Is She or Isn’t She?”Claire Foy Stars In New Steven Soderbergh’s Thriller “Unsane”

31Jan 2018

There comes a time when you start to question your own sanity, but in the new Steven Soderbergh thriller

Go Back In Time To ‘The First Purge’ With Film Announcement [TEASER]

30Jan 2018

I love how this country's joint hate for 45 brings out the biggest shade in us all including

Taraji P. Henson Is Out For Revenge In ‘Acrimony’ Trailer

26Jan 2018

If you ever needed a simple reminder not to mess with  In "Acrimony" Henson plays Melinda, a faithful and devoted