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FOX Cancels ‘Scream Queens’ After Two Seasons

15May 2017

It seems the real idiot hookers are the people over at FOX because the beloved comedy-horror anthology series  The

Keke Palmer Opens Up About Love, Her New Book, and More On ‘Wendy’

01Feb 2017

The first thing the two talked about once Keke sat on the couch for her interview was her

Get Ready For More Blood Shed In The Halloween Episode of ‘Scream Queens’

18Oct 2016

Jamie Lee Curtis and In the wake of the beloved Chad Radwll (Glen Powell) meeting his untimely demise

Keke Palmer Teaches Conan How To Twerk His Butt Cheeks

06Oct 2016

While O'Brien couldn't complete the task, it made for good television. Later fellow guest Norm Macdonald became so smitten

The Chanels and Zayday Explain “Ghosting” In ‘Scream Queens’ Clip

20Sep 2016

The time is finally here! The second season of FOX's hit horror-comedy series  In a preview of what's to

Chad Radwell Makes His First Appearance In ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Promo

14Sep 2016

In less than a week we'll be screaming with Zayday, The Chanels, Cathy Munch, Chad Radwell, and the

“New Season, New Blood” – Check Out The Latest ‘Scream Queens’ Teaser

09Sep 2016

Get ready for a new season and new blood in less than two weeks. The second season for