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Sarah Paulson and Andy Lassner Scream Their Way Through ‘AHS’ Themed Attraction

31Oct 2017

It's Halloween and that means a few things, but for In previous years Lassner jumped his way through

‘Jigsaw’ Won At The Box Office, But Disappointed Hardcore Fans

30Oct 2017

" The latest film takes place 10 years following the death of Jigsaw aka John Kramer. Bodies start popping

Top 5 Disturbing Horror Films With Stressful Endings

26Oct 2017

If you judged my book by its cover you wouldn’t think I’d be such a horror film lover.

Halloween Watch List: Horror Anthology Series ‘Slasher’

25Oct 2017

So in my constant battle to find a new Netflix series that I can actually get in to

Get Halloween Tips From ‘Saturday Night Live’ Fan Fav Character Stefon

23Oct 2017

Let's just agree that Bill Hader's Stefon character from  First Stefon offers up a hot club to go to

Halloween Watch List: ‘Tales of Halloween’

23Oct 2017

Bare with me GGB readers. I know This is a film that I saw before and it seems

Countdown to Halloween With GGB’s 13 Days Of Glamberween

19Oct 2017

Halloween is probably my favorite time of year! Since I am a devoted horror genre lover I adore