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Isla Nublar Is At Risk In ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer

05Feb 2018

Hide your kids and hide your wives. The dinosaurs are on the loose in " During Super Bowl LII,

It’s A Dinosaur Rescue Mission In The First Trailer For ‘ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

07Dec 2017

Long glares, loads of fire, and of course dinosaurs fill the first trailer for " Four years following the

‘Jurassic World’ Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment [VIDEO]

13Oct 2015

Get ready to run in those high heels and train your dinosaurs because the Watch the Honest Trailer

Chris Pratt Runs Around The NYC Streets With Billy Eichner And No One Knows Who He Is

12Oct 2015

 had a great year with the success of "Jurassic World" sending him to everyone's top actor list in Hollywood,

‘The Park Is Open June 12’ – Watch Chris Pratt In The New Trailer for ‘Jurassic World’ [VIDEO]

21Apr 2015

directed "epic action-adventure" "Jurassic World" out in theaters this summer. The plot of "), Isla Nublar is a full functioning dinosaur

First Look: ‘Jurassic World’ Full Trailer [VIDEO]

28Nov 2014

It's been 22 years since the last "" film and it's about time for a reboot don't you

Chris Pratt Leads GQ ‘Men of The Year’ Issue – Dave Chappelle, Shailene Woodley and Others Land Solo Covers

21Nov 2014

. Inside the issue Pratt discussed wanting to be a fat superhero. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star got