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Travel Through ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ With The First Official Teaser

15Jul 2017

Disney is having a major week. There are back to back casting news, first looks, teaser trailers, and

A Kidnapping and Ransom Is Set In Place For “Horrible Bosses 2” [NEW TRAILER]

05Sep 2014

" as Kurt, Dale and Nick graduating from boss murderers to enemy kidnappers. Under the blackmailing thumb of 's character by

First Look: An All-Star Cast Gets Magical and Musical In “Into The Woods” Trailer [VIDEO]

31Jul 2014

Some of our favorite fairy tales are coming to life in a new way come this holiday season. Based

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Chris Pine

22Jul 2013

I'm not sure what rock I was living under to not have made Chris Pine  a lot sooner! I

Trailer Thursday: Star Trek Into Darkness

21Mar 2013

Hello all you Trekkies out there! This week's ." I don't really follow the newly reinvented "Star Wars" franchise but