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OMG: Nicki Minaj Set To Make Live Action Movie Debut in “The Other Woman” With Cameron Diaz

25Apr 2013

Nicki Minaj has dominated the rap world and has become a fan favorite from her judging duties on

Photo Op: Jay – Z & Blue Ivy Have Daddy-Daughter Time

25Apr 2013

If aren't twins then I don't know what they are. , is starting to make me think she

Kim K: “I Would Get Married Again!”

22Apr 2013

Good for you, GF! I guess on for an When asked about the possibility of nuptials with

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Scott Disick

22Apr 2013

He's the douche we've grown to love and one of the main reasons I continue to keep up

MTV Movie Awards 2013: Aubrey Plaza Crashes Stage During Will Ferrell Speech [VIDEO]

15Apr 2013

Every good award show needs a stage crash! We all remember the infamous . Plaza, who stars on ""

Victoria Justice Is New Victim of Phone Hacking

13Apr 2013

Unfortunately, young Hollywood starlets are no stranger to technology hacking and personal theft. I refer you to .

Ray J Says “I Hit It First” Track Isn’t A Diss to Kim Kardashian on Hot 97

08Apr 2013

And the plot thickens with the Ray J "I Hit It First" record. Since last Friday and throughout the