The Quest for Christian Grey! Part Duex

28Jul 2012

Your twitching palms and lip bites have been brought to my attention! It seems you, the readers, can

In My Mind: Robert Pattinson Meltdown!

28Jul 2012

After I saw this scene I was screaming SOMEBODY give this man an Oscar! Does this put the

Question of the Day: How Awkward Will Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotion Be?

27Jul 2012

Sorry that I'm not sorry about all the Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk this blog has

Update: Rob MOVES OUT

26Jul 2012

I know many are happy and proud of this gesture. For Robbie standing up for himself and not

My Open Hearted Letter to Kristen Stewart

25Jul 2012

In the wake of such a huge sh*t storm Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders has caused with the

My Open Hearted Letter to Robert Pattinson

25Jul 2012

All this Kristen Stewart cheating talk is hotter than McDonald's two for three dollars breakfast sandwich deal! Stewart

The Plot Thickens: Kristen Stewart Issues Public Apology!

25Jul 2012

Well, well, well. And so the plot thickens. After many salacious details from the brief tryst of Kristen