SHOCKING! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes To Divorce!

29Jun 2012

What in the world is happening to some of Hollywood's most noted couples?! I sent my memo way

The Quest For Anastasia Steele!

27Jun 2012

The funny thing about "50 Shades of Grey" is that Christian Grey is not the only character in

Question of the Day: Does Mark Wahlberg Age?

26Jun 2012

Seriously, what is in the water Mark Wahlberg is drinking because the man just does not age! And

Question of the Day: Is Kim K & Queen Bey BFF’s?

24Jun 2012

Could it be? Is Beyonce and Kim Kardashian shaping up to be the cutest BFF's ever?! They say

Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Detector

22Jun 2012

I love me some Jimmy Kimmel. I think he's a great interviewer. He has a way of making

Happy 111th Birthday Edward Cullen!

20Jun 2012

Its June 20 and that only means one thing, it's our favorite fictional vampire birthday! Yes, you guessed

Question Of The Day: Am I Ready For ‘Magic Mike’?

20Jun 2012

Thanks to Professional Fan Girl blog I came across this clip from the June 29th film " It's like