Robert Pattinson, You Are My Spirit Animal!

24Nov 2012

My love for Robert Pattinson is no secret here. The simple joy I get from seeing his gorgeous

Robert Pattinson Is Bothered With Thanksgiving?

23Nov 2012

Robert Pattinson is making his reprise with the popular "bothered" videos in which he goes on a rant about random

Trailer Thursday: Warm Bodies

22Nov 2012

Imagine in a post apocalyptic world where the zombies that took over the world we once knew can actually

Viral Video: MORE TWILIGHT Bad Lip Reading

21Nov 2012

Just like BLP previous take on "Twilight," this video makes absolutely no sense but it is amazing how the

Psy and MC Hammer Shut Down the AMA’s With Performance [Video]

19Nov 2012

Just when you thought the song "Gangnam Style" couldn't get anymore turned up; you were wrong! During the

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Justin Bieber

19Nov 2012

Let's give it up to Lil' Swaggie; Justin Bieber is barely legal but still maintains to drive women

16DOT: Three Best Friends That Anyone Can Have

16Nov 2012

It doesn't matter if it's Robbie and Ki gaining up and making fun of Tay in interviews, Ki