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New Reveal: Are You Ready For These ‘AHS: Cult’ Creepy Masks?

18Aug 2017

A new week means we're a week closer to the premiere of  Last week a Philadelphia meet up kicked

‘The Jetsons’ Live Action Television Series Is In The Works

17Aug 2017

In news I wasn't expecting, but am slightly intrigued, The Jetsons is apparently coming, again, to a small screen near

Why You Should Watch…’Room 104′ [TRAILER]

16Aug 2017

It's "Why You Should Watch..." Wednesday over on my YouTube channel as part of my Now back to

Can You Hold Your Breath For These New ‘AHS: Cult’ Teasers

15Aug 2017

We are a few weeks away from the anticipated season 7 premiere of  Last week I went to the AHS:

‘American Horror Story’ Philly Meet Up Unlocks New Content For ‘Cult’

12Aug 2017

FX Networks brought Upon arriving on location eager fans gathered in anticipation for what the big reveal would

Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers Watch The Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode With A Special Guest

11Aug 2017

What's better than watching  On Late Night with Seth Meyers there's a segment where the late night host watches an episode

James Corden Recreates ‘The Boy Is Mine’ With A Hilarious Twist

10Aug 2017

Back when the 1990's were all that and Brandy and Monica were beefing over loving the same dude