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IT’S HERE! Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Trailer!

07Sep 2012

"It's time, it's time, it's time," *in my very best Alice Cullen voice.* Thee official trailer for "The

Trailer Thursdays: The Words

06Sep 2012

In this edition of Trailer Thursday we'll take a look at " The story follows literary writer Rory Jansen, Cooper, who

The End is Near: The Last ‘Twilight’ Comic Con Panel

11Jul 2012

The end is near Twihards and it's taking all I have to keep it together, the LAST

Christian Grey Update

11Jul 2012

It's official!! I am in love with Matt Bomer and I don't care who knows it! My obsession

Question Of The Day: Am I Ready For ‘Magic Mike’?

20Jun 2012

Thanks to Professional Fan Girl blog I came across this clip from the June 29th film " It's like

The Quest For Christian Grey!

18Jun 2012

Ok, my obsession for "50 Shades of Grey" is slowly moving into overload. Although the books and

Snow White and The Huntsman: The Sequel

15Jun 2012

MTV News confirmed with director Rupert Sanders that Universal Pictures is indeed moving forward with a sequel to