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Trailer: Spring Breakers

18Jan 2013

If " will diminish any girl next door image they had going on. In the They run into major

Trailer Thursday: The Call

17Jan 2013

Sh*t just got real in this week's Trailer Thursday.   In " plays a 911 phone operator who receives a

Saucy: Fifty Shades of Grey Going For NC-17 Rating

10Jan 2013

Fans of the erotic novel  “It will be rated NC-17 . It’s going to be raunchy,” Marcel tells the  There

Movie Extras: Full Extended Scene of Edward and Bella Cullen’s Morning After

10Jan 2013

I think the big heads at Summit are either greedy little bastards or secretly love "Twilight" as much as we do

Trailer Thursday: Broken City

10Jan 2013

Nobody does hardcore ass kicking like Mark Wahlberg and in his latest movie "Broken City" you can expect all that and

Glory: The Twilight Saga Lives On

07Jan 2013

I knew The "Twilight" Saga would live on just not in the way us Twihards would really hope. For

Texas Chainsaw 3D Lands BIG Opening Weekend Numbers

07Jan 2013

What's the ingredients to crushing Oscar buzz films like "Django Unchained" and "Les Miserables" at the box office? Well you need blood, gore,