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Oh My ‘Bel Ami’

05May 2012

Girls prepare yourselves! If you didn't lust for Robert Pattinson now you will after seeing 'Bel Ami.' Thanks

That’s my boy! Robert Pattinson Lands New Role!

02May 2012

News was announced today that my Robbie is I'm so glad to see Robbie was able to escape

Learning From Disney

13Apr 2012

As children we watched Walt Disney films and thought nothing much of it as being an entertaining story with

A New Kind of “Ted”dy Bear

05Apr 2012

A childhood wish brings to life a fun-loving teddy bear that John, played by Mark Wahlberg, can't seem

21 Jump Street: Oh So Rauchy!

06Mar 2012

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are starring in " Please check out the trailer and get your laugh on.

Movie Preview: My GlAMBERous Picks

11Jan 2012

Are there any upcoming movies you all are excited to see? Let me

A glAMBERous Review: Contagin

25Sep 2011

I don't think of myself as a germaphobic but I do often find myself reaching for hand sanitizer