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Oprah Meets The Kardashians!

14Jun 2012

And Oprah sure is asking the REAL questions that is on everybody's mind such as: Does Kris Jenner

Call Me Maybe?

10Jun 2012

I recently discovered that there has been many cover videos by some of our fav Hollywood stars. There's a

Glambergirlblog Got Freshly Pressed!

04Jun 2012

What an honor! I always wondered what did I have to do to get my blog to be

50 Shades of the SWATH Cast!

21May 2012

I simply adore Josh! I think he is a great reporter, does amazing bonus features with the celebs

Scared As Sh*t Movies!

13May 2012

I don't know what's so fun about being scared when watching movies? Maybe it's the anticipation of knowing

A Glamberous Mother’s Day Post

13May 2012

Every second Sunday in May is when people all over the country celebrate the main lady in their lives;