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Surviving The Twilight Marathon

02Oct 2012

Robert Pattinson said it best, "Twilight fans are on the verge of being clinically insane." No words can

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Ian Somerhalder

01Oct 2012

Monday Morning Eye Candy just got raunchy with a splash of "f*ckedupness" thanks to Ian Somerhalder. At one point

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Joseph Gordon Levitt

24Sep 2012

You may recognize Joey from a number of things; he And if you watched "Saturday Night Live" this weekend

Meet Mercy! Kim Kardashian’s Persian Pet!

17Sep 2012

Meet Mercy, the new ball of fluff in Kim's life. The thing I love most about this pet

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Matt Bomer

17Sep 2012

Given that Monday Morning Eye Candy is a relatively new group of posts GGB offers I still can't believe my

Monday Morning Eye Candy: Kellan Lutz

10Sep 2012

Of course my new-found boyfriend Kellan Lutz would be this week's Monday Morning Eye Candy. I mean he's a joy

FNO: Glambergirl Meets Kellan Lutz

07Sep 2012

It was love at first hug! Fashion Night Out, FNO, the official kick off to New York Fashion