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Kristen Stewart Comes Face To Face With Cheating Scandal [VIDEO]

07Nov 2012

Stewart's Wednesday, November 7, appearance on the daytime news/talk show in New York City was essentially

R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan

03Sep 2012

It's a sad day in Hollywood. "The Green Mile" actor Michael Clarke Duncan, 54, passed away on Monday, September

Photo Op: Kim Kardashian: I’m Officially Jealous!

24Aug 2012

Kim Kardashian announced that, along with her sisters, they will have another addition to their Sears collection. The girls will

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Dropped From Miami Dolphins!

12Aug 2012

News broke yesterday, August 11, that football player Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson was arrested after a domestic dispute with

Anderson Cooper Reveals He’s Gay!

02Jul 2012

Seriously what is up with extremely hot men being off-limits for us gals? First my latest obsession Matt

Two Television Famous Faces Pass Away

03Jun 2012

Sad news happened over the weekend. Two famous television faces have passed away, "Desperate Housewives" Kathryn Joosten and

Photo Op: Loving The Crew!

26May 2012

Say what you want but I am such a fan of the Kardashians! I love everything about them!