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Rachel McAdams And Jason Bateman’s “Game Night” Turns Deadly In Official Trailer

12Nov 2017

What happens when a group of friends who regularly get together for game nights experience a deadly turn? You get

Rachel McAdams Talks Hallucinating From Marijuana on Jimmy Kimmel Live

09Apr 2013

 last night, April 8, to discuss her film "To the Wonder," in theaters this Friday, April 12. The highlight

Top Heartbreaking Scenes: McAdams Edition

25Mar 2012

Watching "The Notebook" last night got me to thinking about how utterly beautiful actress Rachel McAdams is and

The 2016 Oscar Nominations Are Here – Who Made The List?

14Jan 2016

The biggest night in Hollywood for film has announced the 2016 nominations for the Academy Awards ceremony, also

The CW In Development of ‘The Notebook’ TV Series

11Aug 2015

"What do you want?" NOT THIS! Apparently The CW is You know the infamous movie starring , the movie that

It’s The ‘Mean Girls’ Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For! Thank You EW! [PHOTOS]

06Nov 2014

It's so fetch, grool, and happening " reunion we've been waiting for, or at least as good as

Baby Bumpin: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Expecting First Child

09Jul 2014

Ladies, let's have a moment of silence and mourn, but later celebrate in 18 years luckily, that . I