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“There’s…Johnny!” Actor Camrus Johnson Reveals How His New Show Helped Him Appreciate Live TV

17Nov 2017

Actor on rise channeled his "loud and obnoxious" ways, according to his mother, into a flourishing career that

Donshea Hopkins Sheds New Light On Her ‘Power’ Death Scene + What’s Next

21Sep 2017

You may know as her beloved  At 12 months old Donshea started talking and by the age of

An Unlikely Trio Teams Up In The ‘Power’ Season 4 Finale [RECAP]

05Sep 2017

It's  First I want to thank all of you for rocking with  An unlikely trio banded together when Ghost, Tommy,

Joseph Sikora Talks Tommy’s ‘Power’ Season 4 Journey + Teases Finale

01Sep 2017

Season 4 has been a wild roller coaster for Mid season things started to fall apart for Tommy

The St. Patrick Family Face Major Tragedy In Latest Power Episode ‘That Ain’t Me’

22Aug 2017

Tensions reach new levels in episode 9 of It was a slow couple of episodes for the ladies

POWER Recap, Season 4, Episode 7 “You Lied to My Face”

07Aug 2017

It's the homestretch of Starz hit series  In "You Lied to My Face" Tariq utters those words to Tasha

Power Recap, Season 4, Episode 6 “New Man”

31Jul 2017

Like many episodes of STARZ'  SPOILER ALERT: Ghost is back at Truth, but since Tasha made a deal with the