More Steamy Scenes Less Of Everything Else In ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ [REVIEW]

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11 Feb2018
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Can I start this by saying I can’t believe I didn’t review “Fifty Shades Darker!” As I was going through GGB archives trying to see how I structured my last review of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film in the franchise I was rather shocked to see that I didn’t do a write-up on that one; given that after seeing “Fifty Shades Freed” in theaters this weekend the second film is my favorite.

“Fifty Shades Freed” hit theaters Friday, February 9th, 3 years after the first film received its theatrical debut and just a few days shy from Valentine’s Day to give a climatic conclusion to the film franchise based off the E.L. James novels. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson returned one last time to the big screen as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to give fans of the books, and films, what they wanted in a conclusion, but did they deliver? Let’s discuss.


It’s been awhile since I read the last installment of the book series, but the details weren’t that murky where I couldn’t follow along with the film and have a general idea of what was coming up. Of course the final film focused on Christian and Ana living in martial bliss. They have a simple, yet gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception followed by an elaborate honeymoon where Christian whisks Mrs. Grey away in a private jet that is now both theirs. A European montage then ensues as we see The Greys making love, riding bikes, cuddling taking in beautiful views, and doing other stuff giving us single gals a possible false expectation of what to expect once we get our person. And honestly made me want to travel to Europe even more than I already do.

Photo: Universal

Photo: Universal

During these happy moments we simultaneously see a disgruntled Jake Hyde (Eric Johnson) going into Grey House to steal files and set a fire. When Christian finds this out the honeymoon is cut short. Ana starts her new life as a literary editor and Christian goes back to making crazy amounts of money while assigning personal security guards to members of his family because Jack has gone off the deep end.

The film follows Ana disobeying Christian like she has done since film 1 and Christian being a brat about it and uses his sexual power over Ana to teach her a lesson. A big wrench in the Greys future happens when Ana gets pregnant and Christian is pissed to say the least.

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GIF: Mashable GIF

He goes and get drunk with Miss Robinson aka Elena (Kim Basinger), although we never see her – must be in the deleted scenes. Ana and Christian fight as she asserts her position as boss ass B in their marriage. Later Jack kidnaps Rita Ora and insists on 5 mil to get his life back. Back story there is that Christian and Jack were apparently in the same foster home and blames Christian for stealing his life. Oh so Christian made Jack an egotistical, sexual harasser.



The film end with Ana going after Jack and getting Rita Ora back. Christian gets on board with the baby. Ana’s friend Kate (Eloise Mumford) gets engaged to Christians brother Elliot (Luke Grimes). Jose (Victor Rasuk) is still a tag-along. Apparently Christian can sing. And the couple gets the best of their worlds: wild, kinky sex and a son, who I think had blond hair – HOW?, with another on the way in their rich ass home.

I must say “Fifty Shades Freed” without a doubt falls in the bottom of the franchise. It did seem a bit rushed, but that could mean a super sized DVD/Blue-ray, digital release that will include lots of bonus footage because from the trailers alone A LOT was left out. I could have used more Christian and Ana moments because let’s be real that’s what fans want. That’s what we’re expecting. All the sinister stuff, although it was in the book, I think was geared for the men going to not be totally annoyed in the theaters. I did find myself not as entertained as I was in “Darker” and I feel like I’m forgetting a lot that happened because that’s how weak this film was.

Did the acting get better in this film? No. Did it deliver with more steamy scenes? Kind of. Will you laugh when Jamie Dornan starts singing? YES. Will you doze off during random parts of the film? Possibly. Is it worth going to see? Yeah, if you already saw all the other films. You’re too invested now, just go see it. I give “Fifty Shades Freed” three pink kisses. 💋💋💋

What did you think about “Fifty Shades Freed” if you saw the film this weekend? Did it come to a climatic conclusion like you hoped? Are you glad this film franchise is over? Let me know exactly what you think in the comments below.

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