Justin Timberlake Delivers Mediocre Pepsi Halftime Show During Super Bowl LII #SelfieKid Becomes A Thing From The Performance

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05 Feb2018
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Philadelphia Eagles (41) and New England Patriots (33) – Super Bowl LII

When your team isn’t in the game the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show and commercials are really the highlights of “the big game,” but with a hyped up Super Bowl putting the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots against one another the Halftime Show sort of played the background, especially the one Justin Timberlake delivered.

I’m a fan of JT’s music. I’ve enjoyed him performing before, but I feel like this Super Bowl Halftime Show fell flat. I’m super glad he didn’t do any of that Man of the Woods stuff because that album doesn’t scream Super Bowl. He did a bunch of his old hits like: “Rock Your Body,” “My Love,” and “Senorita” and entered the audience in the stands for “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” That move led to the most talked about moment of the whole performance, #SelfieKid.

Justin was singing in the crowd so naturally everyone had their phones out trying to capture an up close moment with the singer. One kid in particular, #SelfieKid, seemed so oblivious to the situation and was fiddling in his phone a lot. So thanks to the internet #SelfieKid became a thing and a meme.

Later, Timberlake joined his pal Jimmy Fallon on a special The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to reflect on his performance and how he prepared for it. Timberlake also teased his upcoming Man of the Woods tour and joked off with his buddy Fallon in only the way they can.

Watch Justin Timberlake take over Super Bowl LII with his halftime performance and his talk on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in the clips below. What did you think about Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Pepsi Halftime performance? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Twitter

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