“Is She or Isn’t She?”Claire Foy Stars In New Steven Soderbergh’s Thriller “Unsane”

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31 Jan2018
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There comes a time when you start to question your own sanity, but in the new Steven Soderbergh thriller Claire Foy makes the audience question “is she or isn’t she?”

In the trailer for “Unsane” we see what seems to be a relationship reaching its end in a very stalkish manner. “David” won’t stop harassing Foy’s character Sawyer via text so she proceeds to block him and take all measures to ensure he won’t be able to contact her ever again. Completely traumatized, Sawyer continues to see the face of her stalker everywhere and is tricked into involuntarily signing into a psychiatric center. The question still remains: is Sawyer really a victim of a cruel joke or are we living in her delusions?

Amy Irving, Jay Pharoah, and Juno Temple also appear in the March 23rd film.

Watch the trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s psychological thriller “Unsane” starring Claire Foy in the clip below. Does this film look like something you want to see? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Bleecker Street Media

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