Go Back In Time To ‘The First Purge’ With Film Announcement [TEASER]

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30 Jan2018
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I love how this country’s joint hate for 45 brings out the biggest shade in us all including the folks over at Universal with the first look at “The First Purge.” Just check out that “The First Purge” hat.

Changing the name from “The Purge: The Island,” “The First Purge” is a prequel film to “The Purge” franchise that will focus on the moments that led up to the very first Purge event in America. This film will have all new faces since it’s suppose to be way before we knew any of the characters and I’m kind of excited. I thought I was over this franchise, but I’m too invested to give in now and not see this one.

“The First Purge” comes out July 4, 2018.

Watch the announcement of “The First Purge” in the clip below. Are you excited for the official trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo: Universal

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