Reexamine Oscars Nominated Film “Get Out” In New Honest Trailer

Photo: Screen Junkies
24 Jan2018
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Fresh off earning multiple nominations for the 2018 Academy Awards, “Get Out” has now earned a spot as the number 2 movie fans wanted a Honest Trailer for via Screen Junkies.

In the Honest Trailer for “Get Out” you can forget “serial killers, demons, and evil clowns” because a more sinister force is coming to get you, “rich, white people.” The Jordan Peele flick that examines a dark side to interracial dating is the topic of discussion with Screen Junkies breaking down how Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) deflects from uncomfortable conversations, how Rod (LilRel Howery) is the best on-screen bestie ever, showcasing the worst impressions of white people and more.

Watch the Honest Trailer for “Get Out” in the clip below. Are you rooting for this film at the Oscars? What did you think about the Honest Trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments?

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Photo: Screen Junkies

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