Nobody Wins When The ‘Family Feuds’ – Lil Wayne and Drake Release Version of The Jay Z Track

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02 Jan2018
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Jay Z’s “Family Feud” track from his latest album 4:44 may have just gotten a music video that is shaping the culture, but Lil Wayne’s take on the track is getting just as much attention for music lovers.

Off the Dedication 6 mixtape, Lil Wayne gets some help from Drake for their spin on “Family Feud.” The track, which almost hits the 5 minute mark, starts off with Beyonce’s “higher” vocals belting over the track with some ad libs from Drizzy. The 31-year-old Canadian rapper spits his verse first, followed by Wayne finishing off the song. Am I tripping or did Drake show love to Meek Mill in his verse?

Listen to Lil Wayne and Drake’s take on Jay Z’s “Family Feud” track in the clip below. Which lines stood out to you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Vevo

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