Girl Bosses Only: Marti Hines Sheds Light On Events and Production Businesses Hines Teams Up With Sorority Sister Jasmin Greene To Shake Up Hollywood

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23 Dec2017
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The future is female! Entrepreneurs Marti Hines and Jasmin Greene are proof of that as they are taking over a male dominated industry together and collectively working on individual endeavors proving that when women get together and support one another anything is possible.

Marti Hines, along with partner Lola Wood, run Wanderluxxe, a luxury concierge service that creates an experience versus general access to top of the line special events. Focusing on Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and Cannes Film Festival in France; Hines and Wood curate unique packages to generate one of a kind moments that put clients directly next in the heart of these special events or a customized experience of their own.

Marti Hines & Lola Wood/ Photo: PressPassLA

Marti Hines & Lola Wood/ Photo: Amirah Parker for the American Pavilion

Photo: Dique Pic Productions

Photo: Dique Pic Productions

Hines took her girl boss status to another level teaming up with her sorority sister and fellow Hampton alumni Jasmin Greene. Greene began her career teaching in the D.C. public school district while still maintaining her dream of writing. She then created Dique Pic Productions with Hines to combat the male dominated Hollywood industry to push their own narrative. “Giving women of color the opportunity to be who we already know we are: strong, creative, driven forces that can rewrite the history of the world,” the ladies said.

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine Greene

“Women are actually stronger than men so forget what they’ve been telling us,” Greene said about women being able to work together despite misconceptions. She continued, “It’s all propaganda to put women against one another. From my experience, definitely our experience, women really aren’t like that. In the real world we want to help each other, we want to rise up with each other, when we open a door we try to bring someone else up with us. I don’t like hearing that stuff. If one woman succeeds that doesn’t mean the next one can’t succeed because she’s in the same field. We can succeed together.”

Hines added, “We were just saying earlier, we were talking about Issa Rae and she mentioned that there’s so many people in our own network that we can turn to to move forward instead of trying to network up and just look at who’s around you. I think that Jasmin and I were always rooting for each other, kind of running parallel, side by side, and then we realized how much stronger we’d be if we were together. As women of color I think we understand even more without even having to say or explain the different road blocks that have been put in our way so to me it’s a bond. It’s black girl magic, we got it and to me it’s effortless when we come together.”

Up next the girls are working on a project that will take them to New York City. They are in the early stages of production scouting locations and casting. Stay tuned to GGB for all updates.

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Photo: PressPassLA

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