Get Your Childhood Holiday Film Favorite Revamped With ‘The Santa Clause’ Honest Trailer

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06 Dec2017
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Forget everything you know about the 1990’s holiday film “The Santa Clause” starring Tim Allen and get into everything you need to know about how this movie has been messing up kids since it’s release date. But wait, can we talk about how I didn’t even realize the intentional spelling of “Clause” and how it pertains to the story. I’m telling you these things fly right over a child’s head.

In the Honest Trailer for “The Santa Clause,” presented by Screen Junkies, the film that asked children “What if Santa Claus was real?” is explored. We met Scott Calvin (Allen) who is a businessman by day and battling his ex-wife over custody over their child by night. When he accidentally kills the current Santa Claus he is contractually bound to take over as the fat man in the red suit.  Being that this is a children’s movie, all sorts of high jinks occur as Scott becomes acclimated to his new position and rediscovers the meaning of the holidays and Christmas spirit.

Watch the Honest Trailer for “The Santa Clause” in the clip from Screen Junkies below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Screen Junkies

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