‘Black Mirror’ Releases Final Trailer + Reveals Release Date

Photo: Netflix
06 Dec2017
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After weeks of episode trailers for the upcoming season of the anticipated Netflix original series Black Mirror, a final season 4 trailer was released along with the official premiere date.

The new season will consist of six episodes, just like season 3, titled: “Arkangel,” “USS Callister,” “Crocodile,” “Hang The DJ,” “Metalhead,” and “Black Museum.” The themes seem to range from the digital age of dating, post apocalyptic worlds, advanced health care, outer space, and more!

Season 4 of Black Mirror will stream Friday, December 29th on Netflix.

Watch the season 4 trailer for Black Mirror in the clip below along with additional episode trailers. Be sure to come back to GGB tomorrow for a special video of me breaking down the trailers and giving my predictions of which episodes will be the best.

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Photo: Netflix

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