Rebecca Bloom Shares Insight Working On Remake of ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’

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27 Nov2017
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Young Hollywood actress Rebecca Bloom remains on the fast track to a blossoming career years after first spoke with the starlet. Back in 2015 GGB had the opportunity to chat with Bloom about her role in the highly anticipated “The Peanuts Movie” and now I got the chance to catch up with Rebecca on her latest series.

Exclusively on Amazon Prime, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is a remake of the 1970’s cult classic that brings to life the delightful tale of Sigmund, a sea monster who befriends three young children at Dead Man’s Cove, for a new generation. Bloom plays Robyn, friend to brothers Johnny and Scotty (Solomon Stewart and Kyle Breitkopf). “Robyn is very open-minded. She loves a good adventure and she’s fun to be around. She’s trying to find her talent, but she doesn’t know what it is yet,” Bloom said of her character.

Photo: Amazon Prime

Photo: Amazon Prime

A big thing this series is known for is the actual sea monsters and if you thought CGI would be used to bring Sigmund and his friends to the small screen think again. The series attempted to remain true to the original. Bloom shared, “It’s not that different. The puppets are different. There’s actually someone controlling the puppets now, so the arms, the eyes, and the mouth. It was really cool. It’s not like we were talking to air or anything. It’s someone inside the puppets so that was really cool. It made it more fun to act with.”

David Arquette, who plays the wacky Captain Barnabus, also appears in the series and added to a great experience Bloom had on set. “Working with David[Arquette] was amazing. He gave me so many tips like how to get into character. It was so awesome and working with the other two kids were great because I had their support and I gave mine to them,” Bloom revealed.

The series reboot received many raved reviews and there are hopes for a second season. What does that mean for Rebecca’s character Robyn? “Well I definitely want to see her going on more adventures and finding what she loves,” Bloom shared on her thoughts for her character development.

Photo: Amazon Prime

Photo: Amazon Prime

So what’s up next for Rebecca? While maintaining her education balancing work from school and set tutors she has some cool projects in the works that she can’t talk about just yet, but GGB will be watching and rooting for Bloom all the way. Keep up with Rebecca Bloom and follow her on social media all across the board @TheRebeccaBloom.

Check out the official trailer for Sigmund and the Sea Monsters in the clip below and be sure to watch the series streaming now on Amazon Prime. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Amazon Prime

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