Artist Spotlight: Lo Debuts Heartbreak Anthem “Good Good”

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20 Nov2017
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This music Monday allow Glambergirlblog to introduce you to pop singer-songwriter Lo. With her debut single, “Good Good,” Lo is using her platform to encourage her audience into feeling “empowered, free and confident.”

Working her way up through the industry from being a dancer, landing features in ABC, USA Today, and ESPN, to an intern on music row, and eventually signing to Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs, Lo has used each of her experiences to cultivate a growing career in the music industry that makes her stand out from the rest. GGB had to opportunity to speak with Lo about the start of her career, her single “Good Good,” and more. Here’s some excerpts from our chat!

Glambergirlblog: How did you get started in the industry?

Lo: I had always written/played music, but when I was attending school at Vanderbilt, I took a songwriting class and my professor pulled me aside after our first performance and told me she thought ‘I could really do this’. She helped me to get an internship on music row at a small publishing company where I worked for two years helping to pitch songs and work the front desk. Of course, half the time I was secretly eavesdropping in on the writers rooms, learning from their processes & styles & scribbling lyrics in my notebook. I also went bit rogue and would cold email everyone I could to get meetings with them; it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?! I’m so grateful for that time as an intern, because I got to see how the music industry worked from the inside and learn firsthand that I was NOT meant to be on the business side, but meant to create! After I graduated from Vandy, I taught myself how to produce and started writing full-time. I took millions of meetings all around town until playing a pop showcase where I met Katie Fagan of Rx Songs. I ended up getting to sign with Prescription a few months later, a total dream come true!

GGB: Congrats on your debut single, what was the inspiration for “Good Good”?

Lo: Thank you! ‘Good Good’ was born from a single line I had written in my phone after going through a serious breakup- “I’d wish you the best, but you’ve already had it”. At the time, I had recently discovered that my ex had hooked up with several of my closest friends back home as some strange form of breakup revenge, (ouch, right?), and sassy me popped out the above hook! I loved how empowering and fierce that line was, and wanted to make something that encouraged other females not to base their self-worth on the actions of another person- but to embrace the fact they are irreplaceable & unique!

GGB: What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

Lo: I’ve always been told my voice was very unique (this was actually a reason I got rejected from a lot of deals starting out)- but to me, I see that distinctiveness as a total secret weapon. I think that my style of singing, combined with being a female producer along with my background as a dancer, has helped me to create something special with my artistry! I love making songs that are unabashedly pop, even to the point of being outrageous, & love writing witty, blunt, make you wanna dance, material. I just try to be me to the fullest & am so happy when people connect with that!

GGB: Do you have plans to release a full EP? To tour?

Lo: Yes, to both of these things! I’ll be releasing multiple singles leading up to the EP reveal, and then hope to dance shamelessly in the glory of pop music on as many stages as I can after that.

GGB: Where can we follow you on social media?

Lo: My favorite platforms are Twitter & Instagram! On Twitter you can find me at @OfficialLoMusic, and Instagram at @Official.Lo.Music!

GGB: Anything else you want to add?

Lo: A big, big thank you to everyone who has shown ‘Good Good’ support! I love you all!

Listen to Lo’s debut single “Good Good” in the clip below. You can listen to more and purchase music from Lo on all streaming services and where digital music is sold. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Kenzie Maroney

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