Zack Morris Disgraced His Native American Heritage In New ‘Zack Morris is Trash’

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19 Nov2017
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Zack Morris makes a complete fool of himself and disgraces his Native American heritage all in the span of one episode in the latest “Zack Morris is Trash” from Funny or Die.

In one of the more controversial episodes of Saved By The Bell, Zack Morris explores his Native American roots for a class project in the worst way possible. On “Running Zack,” from season 2, episode 13, Zack Morris is on a high after winning his track meet and wants to celebrate all afternoon, but his responsible friends remind him of a family tree class project that’s due. Zack had done nothing to prepare, so he goes home to rummage through some childhood things when he finds a “picture of this Indian.” Zack assumes he has some Indian ancestors and proceeds to do a very racist presentation for class.

Zack is given another chance to redeem himself and do more research on his ancestors. His teacher gives him a contact, Chief Henry, who could better help him understand his roots. Zack completely misuses this opportunity to learn anything about his ancestors, tries to weasel his way out of redoing the presentation and an important track meet all because Zack Morris is trash.

Watch Zack Morris disgrace his Native American ancestors in the latest “Zack Morris is Trash” episode in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Funny or Die

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