American Horror Story: Cult Recap – Episode 11 “Great Again” [Finale]

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16 Nov2017
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All season long we’ve watched Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) become an unhinged cult leader with twists and turns along the way for the seventh season of American Horror Story. In the final episode, “Great Again,” AHS showed fans they are on the right track to restoring our faith in the series.

American Horror Story: Cult brought another Sarah Paulson character to a triumphant end with a shocking ending I sure didn’t see coming. Evan Peters really shined all season, but this episode in particular was my fav of his. How exactly did Ally beat the cult and free some of the remaining members? Get into my finale recap and see how.

Watch the final American Horror Story: Cult recap in the clip below. Thanks for watching all season and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: FX Networks

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