Eminem Releases Thought Provoking “Walk On Water” Track Ft. Beyoncé

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12 Nov2017
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Eminem and Beyoncé, name a more iconic duo.

The Detroit born rapper and “Houston, Texas baby” singer are making headlines for their unexpected collaboration on Eminem’s “Walk On Water” track. Released on Friday, the single is still making waves and remains a top trending video on YouTube.

The track marks the first single off Eminem’s upcoming album title Revival. No release date has been announce yet, but loyal Em fans are patiently waiting.

With lyrics like: “I walk on water/But I ain’t no Jesus/I walk on water (shit)/But only when it freezes,” the single channels Eminem’s return back to the music scene and the struggles he faced along the way in his career.

“Walk On Water” is now available where digital music can be streamed and sold.

Take a listen to Eminem’s “Walk On Water” featuring Beyoncé in the clip below. How are you feeling this song? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Vevo

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