Artist Spotlight: Meet Alternative Pop Singer DEMAR

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10 Nov2017
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New York based artist DEMAR is making waves in the alternative pop scene after the release of her debut EP Rebels, which dropped back on October, 20. The singer-songwriter first caught the attention of the music industry when her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)” went viral last year earning DEMAR over 1.5 million streams to date.

Glambergirlblog caught up with DEMAR to feature her as GGB’s latest artist spotlight. Here’s some excerpts from our chat.

Glambergirlblog: How did you get started in the music industry?

DEMAR: There isn’t really one specific story because there’s been a bunch of steps that led me into the actual industry. I’d say one of the milestones was winning a songwriting contest for a radio station in Chicago. I got to play the song in their live lounge for Ellie Goulding and her fans while it streamed on their site. Ellie Goulding gave me really great feedback on my voice and the song itself so that was a huge step in this direction. The other milestone would be when I decided to move to NYC. As I was on my road trip north, I posted a video online doing the “Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect. Someone in the industry saw that and connected me to Richard Gottehrer, an industry legend. That was the next big step into the industry.

GGB: What was your reaction when your Kendrick Lamar cover went viral?

DEMAR: I really couldn’t believe it! I recorded the cover and released it just as something fun. I love the original and am such a fan of Kendrick so I put my own spin on it and put it out in the world. The reaction it received was totally unexpected but amazing.

GGB: Describe your sound as an artist?

DEMAR: My sound is definitely a blend of all my favorite types of music. I would say it lives in the alternative pop, electro-pop world. It’s darker and moody but also fun. As you listen through the EP, you’ll pick up hints of R&B and hints of a singer/songwriter vibe along with the driving force of pop.

GGB: How did your time overseas impact your music moving forward?

DEMAR: My time in London was extremely influential in how I crafted the sound of this EP and where I wanted to live sonically. I spent a lot of time listening to Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, Amy Winehouse, Cheryl, and Paloma Faith. They had a huge impact on me wanting to live in the moody pop world with a bit of soul.

GGB: Where did the title of your EP Rebels come from?

DEMAR: One of the tracks on the EP is called Rebels, which is where I got the name for the EP. The song talks about being a rebel in two ways. The first way is when you’re in a relationship that people are not supportive of because it’s unhealthy. While you’re in it, you feel like you’re both rebels because it’s the two of you against the world. But the second meaning of being a rebel is going against what your heart wants and learning to walk away because you know it’s what’s right. I felt like that idea really summarized the EP as a whole.

GGB: What was the inspiration for your single “Fire”?

DEMAR: “Fire” is one of the sexier songs on the EP. I wrote it after I was out one night and saw the person who inspired the song out with his new girlfriend. He was with her, but I kept seeing him look at me across the room and I would catch him watching me throughout the whole night. So, it was my way of saying hey, you’re with her, but I know who you’re thinking about.

GGB: What can fans expect from your debut EP?

DEMAR: The EP tells the story of this relationship I went through that was filled with ups and downs and was tough on me emotionally. I had to hit rock bottom in order to finally pull myself out of it. I think what I’m most proud of is there’s a song for everyone on there. There are fun pop songs that you want to rock out to and blast in your car, there are songs that are darker and more emotional, and then there are songs that are also empowering.

GGB: Where can we follow you on social media?

DEMAR: I’m most active on Instagram at @demarmusic. I’m also on Twitter at @demarmusic. I post announcements and show info on my Facebook page which you can find by searching DEMAR. And I’m also on Snapchat which is where I act like a fool most of the time. You can find me there at demarmusic as well.

GGB: Anything else you want to add?

DEMAR: I love to hear from people and want to know what people are feeling about the music. Reach out to me! Let’s chat!

Be sure to check out DEMAR on social media to stay up to date on all the projects she has coming up. Visit for any additional updates. In the meantime check out some of her music from her SoundCloud channel below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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