Zack Morris Drives Drunk And Crashes Lisa’s Mom’s Car In ‘Zack Morris is Trash’

Photo: Funny or Die
06 Nov2017
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Zack Morris is up to his old antics again and once more Funny or Die is proving ‘Zack Morris is Trash‘ in their latest episode.

In the Saved By The Bell episode from season 4, episode 10, called “Drinking and Driving” the gang goes to a toga party, have a few drinks, yes they are underage, and Zack decides he’s the most sober one and can drive home in Lisa’s mom’s expensive car. Of course they get into an accident and that’s when the scheming begins. Zack lies to his dad, who stumbles upon the crashed car, and then concocts an elaborate lie about why Lisa’s mom’s car must be parked there. He then comes up with an idiotic plan to get money to fix the car, so naturally everything blows up in his face proving that Zack Morris is trash.

Watch Zack Morris drive drunk, crash a car, and try to cover it up in the latest episode of ‘Zack Morris is Trash’ in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Funny or Die

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