Wendy Williams Updates Audience On Her Fainting Incident

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01 Nov2017
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Wendy Williams trended for the greater part of the day yesterday following a frightening incident on her live show where the talk show host fainted. After a lengthy commercial break she returned to finished the show and took to social media saying she would update viewers on exactly what happened when she came back to work the next day.

“We were 48 minutes into our show and I was being briefed by one of my producers as to what we’re doing next you know after the commercial break and I felt it as she was talking to me. All I heard was buh buh buh buh buh, and all I’m thinking is Wendy oh my gosh, and this stage the crew brought out the clear the plexiglass podium that saw which we were about to do our you know Halloween costume contest,” Williams began her story about what happened to her.

Williams further explained she felt “hot,” “dizzy” and that “something was about to happen.” The 53-year-old shared what happened during the commercial break and after the show. She’s perfectly OK now.

Watch Wendy Williams update viewers on her health after her fainting incident in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Wendy

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